Apache OODT Components

Granular Software: Pick the Parts You Need

With component-oriented software, just grab what you need and apply dabs of software glue.

The Parts of Apache OODT

In order to embrace a service oriented architecture, OODT comprises discrete software components, each of which encapsulate a set of related functions and provide related services. The major functional areas are:

Catalog and Archive
Components that deal with extracting metadata from resources, archiving them for long term storage, and providing discovery functions for later retrieval.
Components that describe or profile things with metadata and retrieve products or resource data in standard formats.
Utility components that provide a common set of features.
OODT Agility
Python implementation of Apache OODT.

The Languages of OODT

Apache OODT is primarily written in Java and uses Maven in order to automate component downloading and dependencies. The Grid components of OODT are also available in Python under the moniker "Agility" and use Distribute and the Python Package Index to automate component downloading and dependencies.

API Documentation

Documentation as well as reports for each component are included on the component pages. In addition, we offer the following API documentation (JavaDocs) as well as complete source code and test code cross references: