Package org.apache.oodt.cas.pge.writers

Interface Summary
DynamicConfigFileWriter Abstract interface for generating PGE config input files defining the input necessary to run the underlying PGE.

Class Summary
CsvConfigFileWriter CSV SciPgeConfigFileWriter which takes a comma separted list of Strings as the first index of the args and generates a CSV file from the metadata fields listed.
MetadataKeyReplacerTemplateWriter Simple template based replacement writer, replaces $variables inside of a text file template with information computed by Apache OODT (e.g., from environment variables, from input workflow or file metadata, derived metadata, etc etc.) Multi-valued metadata keys are expanded to joined strings delimited by the 2nd varargs argument to #createConfigFile(String, Metadata, Object...).
TextConfigFileWriter Text SciPgeConfigFileWriter which takes a template with envReplace metadata that gets dynamically filled out and written to a file.
VelocityConfigFileWriter A PGE input file writer based on Apache Velocity and Paul Ramirez's need to make my code better.
VelocityMetadata Wrapper around CAS Metadata object to provide Velocity template semantics, e.g., a VelocityMetadata.get(String) method that allows for ${} (the '.' is a call that Velocity then makes from the template to the VelocityMetadata.get(String) method in the class.
XslTransformWriter XSL Transformation class which writes Science PGE config files based from the XML format of SerializableMetadata.

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