Package org.apache.oodt.cas.workflow.structs

Interface Summary
PrioritySorter Interface specifying a method to sort and prioritize WorkflowProcessors.

Class Summary
ConditionTaskInstance This is a WorkflowTaskInstance that is able to run a WorkflowConditionInstance, identified by the provided task config property name "ConditionClassName".
FILOPrioritySorter Sorts the List of WorkflowProcessor candidates according to the time in which the WorkflowInstance that they are processing was created.
Graph A representation of data flow and control flow relationship associated with a Workflow.
HighestFIFOPrioritySorter Sorts based on highest Priority for a WorkflowProcessor using a particular HighestFIFOPrioritySorter.boostAmount provided by a calling party.
HighestPrioritySorter Sorts strictly based on associated WorkflowProcessor#getPriority() in reverse natural order.
ParentChildWorkflow A Workflow container object that maps a Parent and a Child Workflow model by using the Graph construct.
Priority Priority of a WorkflowProcessor.
Workflow A Workflow is an abstract representation of a set of interconnected processes.
WorkflowCondition A WorkflowCondition is some pre-condition that must evaluate to true in order for a particular WorkflowTask to be permitted to execute .
WorkflowConditionConfiguration Configuration for a WorkflowCondition.
WorkflowInstance A WorkflowInstance is an instantiation of the abstract description of a Workflow provided by the Workflow class.
WorkflowTask A Workflow task, or job, or process.

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