Package org.apache.oodt.commons.activity

Interface Summary
ActivityFactory Factory for activities.
Retrieval Retrieval is a vehicle for getting activities and their associated incidents from Storage.
Storage A Storage is a place to store for the long term record an activity and the incidents that define it.

Class Summary
Activity An activity is an occurrence of some active action.
ActivityTracker Tracker of activities.
CompositeActivity A composite activity multiplexes incidents to multiple other activities.
DatagramLoggingActivityFactory This activity factory produces activities that log their incidents using datagrams.
Incident An incident signifies some occurrence within an activity.
NullActivity A null activity doesn't record any incidents.
SQLDatabaseRetrieval This class enables retrieval of activity incidents from just about any database management system.
SQLDatabaseStorage This class enables storage of activity incidents in just about any database management system.
StandardOutputStorage Storage that sends activity reports to the standard output as plain text.
StoredActivity This class holds an activity retrieved from storage.
StoredIncident This class holds an incident retrieved from storage.
WriterStorage Storage that sends activity reports to a Writer as plain text.
XMLStandardOutputStorage Simple storage that writes XML documents describing activities to the standard output.
XMLStorage Storage that saves activities as XML documents.

Exception Summary
ActivityException This class is intended to be thrown as an exception in the org.apache.oodt.commons.activity package.

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