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Uses of ParseConstants in org.apache.oodt.xmlps.queryparser

Classes in org.apache.oodt.xmlps.queryparser that implement ParseConstants
 class AndExpression
          A logical and expression
 class ContainsExpression
          A logical contains expression.
 class EqualsExpression
          Operator equals expression.
 class GreaterThanEqualsExpression
          Greater than or equals expression.
 class GreaterThanExpression
          Greater than expression.
 class HandlerQueryParser
          Parsers the XMLQuery and its @link XMLQuery#getWhereElementSet()} into an Expression tree.
 class LessThanEqualsExpression
           A less than or equals expression.
 class LessThanExpression
           A less than expression.
 class OrExpression
          An Or expression.

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