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Disciplined Data Management

Apache Object Oriented Data Technology (OODT) is a smart way to integrate and archive your processes, your data, and its metadata. It facilitates the generation, processing, management, distribution and analysis of data management, data archiving, and data analytics systems allowing for the integration of data, computation, visualization and other components.

Distributed and Heterogeneous Data Environments

Apache OODT facilitates the integration of highly distributed and heterogeneous data intensive systems enabling the integration of different, distributed software systems, metadata and data. OODT spans disciplines and enables interoperability among data agnostic systems in any field.

Reproducible Data Pipelines

Haphazard processing pipelines are commonly made up of custom UNIX shell scripts and/or fragile custom written glue code of Java, Python, and Perl. Apache OODT uses structured XML-based capturing of the processing pipeline that can be understood and modified by non-programmers to create, edit, manage and provision workflow and task execution. OODT also allows for remote execution of jobs on scalable computational infrastructures so that computational and data-intensive processing can be integrated into OODT’s data processing pipelines using cloud computing and high-performance computing environments.

Proven Track-Record

Award-winning software birthed at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, being used for: