Disciplined Data Management

Apache Object Oriented Data Technology (OODT) is the smart way to integrate and archive your processes, your data, and its metadata. OODT allows you to:

  • Generate Data
  • Process Data
  • Manage Your Data
  • Distribute Your Data
  • Analyze Your Data
Allowing for the integration of data, computation, visualization and other components.

Solidify Your Data Processing

Traditional processing pipelines are commonly made up of custom UNIX shell scripts and fragile custom written glue code. Apache OODT uses structured XML-based capturing of the processing pipeline that can be understood and modified by non-programmers to create, edit, manage and provision workflow and task execution.

OODT also allows for remote execution of jobs on scalable computational infrastructures so that computational and data-intensive processing can be integrated into OODT’s data processing pipelines using cloud computing and high-performance computing environments.

Distributed Data Environments

Apache OODT facilitates the integration of highly distributed and heterogeneous data intensive systems enabling the integration of different, distributed software systems, metadata and data. OODT spans disciplines and enables interoperability among data agnostic systems in any field.

In a world of cloud computing Apache OODT can make the most of it. With support for:

  • Grid Computing
  • Apache Mesos
Developers can build highly distributed, scalable, data platforms that can process even the largest amounts of data, without breaking a sweat.

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