Happy New Year fellow data manipulators and data lovers.

We kick off the New Year with the news that Apache OODT 0.11 has been released(NB: I am the project chair and was release manager, this blog post in my consultancy capacity, not Apache member capacity).

For those of you who haven’t heard of Apache OODT, OODT is a data management platform initially developed by NASA JPL and then donated to the Apache Software Foundation. Still used and developed by NASA, OODT allows developers to build large scale, distributed data management platforms, designed to ingest, manipulate, catalogue and search data on a large scale. Don’t be fooled though, just because it has a science background, this doesn’t mean it’s only suited to NASA and space applications. OODT has many use cases for business use, from audit logging and tracking, to IOT and remote data ingestion.

OODT 0.11 has undergone a large code clean up and had some of its test suite looked at. On top of that, OODT 0.11 has improved support for DRAT which is a release audit tool written by Chris Mattmann, improved error logging and a few other improvements and enhancements.

To get started with Apache OODT give the RADiX distribution a spin. RADiX allows you to build OODT projects with Maven which makes it easy to integrate into most IDEs.

If you want to find out more about OODT, then pop over to the Community page to find out how to sign up to the developers mailing list to say ‘hi’.